Top Tip #8 – Be a Non Believer

Be a non-believer. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe anyone, and most importantly of all, never ever believe yourself. Beliefs are for fools you see. They are constructions of the ego and simply a product of your conditioning. Most of them aren’t even your own beliefs, they were programmed by your culture your background, your parents, the education system, newspapers and the mind porridge that you watch on television. And your beliefs sure as hell weren’t programmed for your benefit.

Beliefs limit you; they are a trap, a prison of limited possibility. Once you have trapped yourself with a belief it then you have become imprisoned in your world view.  The miracle of existence is lost, smothered by the screen of your perception. Your beliefs translate and interpret the truth, and murder it.  Yes beliefs murder the truth. They disconnect you from consciousness and deny the miracle of life itself. The truth cannot be understood, it can only be known as a direct experience. The truth is a conscious connection with the source of all things, it is a knowing, unnameable and undefinable, and to make it something is to destroy it. The moment the truth becomes a belief by definition it can no longer be the truth it has become the property of the ego and you are lost.

Beliefs limit you; they limit you to the scope of your beliefs. Your belief that you are powerless denies the unbelievable power that you hold within you.  The belief that you are small and that you are separate is the foundation of your suffering and the root cause of mankind’s wanton destruction of our planet. Can you see how dangerous they are? Can you see how beliefs are at the root of all war, of all injustice and intolerance and the myriad of ways in which mankind displays its inhumanity. Can you see how dangerous they are? Can you see how they separate you from others? Every time you make yourself right; you make the rest of humanity more wrong and see how your rightness separates you and see that the true prize for your rightness is fear resentment and isolation? 

Holding beliefs is like putting yourself in a very small box with the lid locked tight. Once in the box you cannot experience anything outside of the box. You have shut out all the unbelievable possibilities that make life so wonderful bountiful and creative.  The true nature of reality is far beyond your limited beliefs; the true nature of reality is miraculous, it is unbelievable.  Please don’t limit the possibilities, there is a whole universe of possibility outside of the box, a universe of surprise and wonder aching to manifest but unable to do so because you shut out the possibilities with your beliefs.  

The mindful master has no need for belief; she sees them as the imposters they are. Because when you can be mindful and clear your head of beliefs, even for a moment, you have and entered that quiet space of awareness, all that is left is direct knowing – a profound space of direct knowing.

Don’t defend your beliefs – destroy them. Don’t fight for your beliefs – surrender them.  Don’t let your beliefs define you because you are undefinable and limitless.

Please don’t believe me. Just practice and see for yourself.


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