Mindblowing weekend – Our first retreat of the Summer

Wow what a weekend


As we were packing up from the retreat this weekend, I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude, what a joy it is to do this work. I am blessed. 

I claim no credit, they were already ripe buds bursting to flower., but I witnessed people transform themselves this weekend. They let go of all their head stuff and for 3 days, rested from the madness.  Strangers became friends within hours and the heaviness of the world was replaced with laughter and a  love of life. They blossom into the beautiful expressions they genuinely are, 

I’ve noticed this with my London classes too, since the trauma of the Covid madness, there is a big shift in wakefulness, the people coming to my classes and retreats are just so ready. Many are complete beginners or think they are, but something has been happening to them, the awakening has started.  They just drop into the space, sometimes it takes a bit of cajoling but by Saturday afternoon it was effortless.

They are the most unlikely bunch of people too. it’s almost unheard of for men to open themselves up to something like this but half of our guests this weekend were men, you know real bloke blokes, who you’d expect to meet in the pub or on a building site,  the most unlikely candidates for mindfulness or spiritual awakening, but they were here and awaken they did.

Something is happening and I’m so blessed to be part of it. 

We’ve got 4 more 3-day mindfulness weekends lined up for you, but book now because they are filling up fast and if you really want to advance your practice to a new level of awareness we’ve got a very special 4-day retreat called The Fullness of Mind it’s not for complete beginners but if you’ve been on our mindfulness course or one of our retreats or are already awakening and know you must be there, please join us

Here are some photo’s from the weekend


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