Top Tip #7 – Practice Doing Nothing

Here’s a challenge for you.  Can you sit and do nothing?  It’s more of a challenge than you may think, go on try it.

Maybe start with 10 minutes and build up, my record is 4 hours, but that has taken years of dedicated training in doing nothing!

Instead of doing, try being instead for a while. Find yourself somewhere nice to sit (it’s easier “to be” and do nothing when there’s a nice view) and make yourself comfortable.  Now for the hard bit, sit and do nothing!

You can look around, smell the air, feel the breeze and notice the breath in your body, and focus on anything that is here now.  Be fully alive to what is here now, in reality. Feel it, don’t think about it, feel fully and don’t move from the spot. Be still and observe yourself. Here in the now.

Observe your mind’s need to leave the now, see how it hate to be here, see how it wants to construct a fantasy future or wallow in a problem, but will never let you rest here and now.

Observe your addiction to distraction. See your craving to pick up your mobile, check your emails, text someone or read something.  Experience what that craving fees like.  See how your ego craves distraction. Just sit and be with the craving.

Observe any feelings of restlessness.  How does restless feel?  Don’t describe it your mind, feel what it feels like.  See how your ego spins a story to add to the restlessness.  “You can’t be sitting here doing nothing, when there is so much to be done” “it’s lazy to sit and do nothing”  “I must do that now, it can’t wait”. Observe the spin machine in action, its lies and deception would make any politician proud and it simply can’t be trusted.  Train yourself to be still and become comfortable with the discomfort of restlessness. 

Lean how to sit and be. You’ll see how it connects you to yourself, to your inner most self.  It’s connects you with who are on the level of being. Not the material, level of doing. It connects you to that mystical space of nothing.  That place of being, before it becomes something, before happening happens, that space of pure potential and the source of all things.  Don’t believe me, because a belief is a thought form and from the level of doing, just learn how to be still and do nothing and see for yourself.


P.S If you fancy starting with 2 minutes of doing nothing try this link to  it’s excellent.

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