Getting out of our heads and into our bodies

One of the things we often talk about on our retreats and classes is checking into our bodies as it’s your body that tells you how you are. Well I wanted to share a moment with you that beautifully reminded me just how true that is.

I have been really struggling these past few weeks (and I know I’m not alone in that) and there’s been moments when I believed I was on the brink of losing the plot totally and reverting back to old self destructive patterns. However I’ve emerged on the other side, thanks partly to my amazing Now Project family and the constant demands of my kids but also thanks to the power of that simple tool of dropping out of my head and into my body. Having enough awareness to step back and witness the chattering monkeys and notice what’s actually going on within is quite literally a life saver. The voices in my head can get so loud and I’ve really noticed how much my ego is attached to my suffering, it loves it! Then awareness steps in and blesses me with a moment of clarity and stillness.

This is often followed by an attempt from the voices to continue with the self torture and it’s a constant learning curve to notice that and not get drawn in again… and again! So this morning I was mindfully walking home in the autumn sunshine, sometimes when I walk mindfully I try too hard and my walk almost becomes too deliberate as it turns into an internal battle with the mind monkeys and judgement. But today I found myself just simply observing my steps and then I noticed the spring in my step – I was bouncing along, my head was quiet and my body was happily walking with a spring in it’s step! There was a whisper from the monkeys – they wanted me to continue with the self defeating story – and if I hadn’t noticed the spring in my step I might have followed them… but no, my body spoke – ‘look Soph, it’s lifted, enjoy this moment of peace’.

So here I am now enjoying this moment of bliss as I write this. Try it for yourself. Stop once in a while and check in to your body – with no judgements or expectation, just feel and see. Sending you all bouncy love! Sophie x

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