don't try to understand

Don’t Try To Understand – A Lesson in Mindfulness

Here's a short clip filmed at our Summer of Love Mindfulness weekend in September 2015. Adrian explores the nature of mindfulness and how it can not be grasped through the intellect. Enjoy and share…

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  1. I think Adrian has been sent from another planet to help humanity. He is super intelligent, imagine the whole world living mindfully it would change everything in an instant.
    I can safely say I love all the team their hearts are big and truly open. Amazing caring people.

  2. Just been on my third retreat since November 2015 and
    I can hand on heart say that its changing my life,more importantly it’s giving me a life.The team are truly inspiring,they are a family really not a team and the minute you walk through the door you become part of the family.They are teaching me things that are priceless in life.Cant wait to go back one day.Love you all xxxx

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