With a blindfold covering their eyes and ear plugs cancelling out the noise, doctor Michel Berg sat in his laboratory at the university of Strasbourg and began to think. Nearly 5000 miles away at a research facility in Kerala India, Spanish scientist Dr Alejandro Riera wearing a cap of electrodes also started to think. Over the course of the next hour they begin the process of sending messages telepathically. Although the conversation consisted of only two words they were able to demonstrate scientifically that telepathy is possible. They showed scientifically what in mediation has been known for thousands of years, that consciousness is connected and the mind exists beyond an individual’s brain.

GM 2

Many years before I started practising meditation and before mobile phones and caller ID, I would often sense who was ringing me before I answered the phone. Sometimes someone who I hadn’t seen in years would come to mind and then suddenly just turn up in my life. Mothers tell me that they can sense when their children are in trouble or distress and twins have been shown to frequently to exhibit spooky telepathic connections. As my meditation practice has devolved these things have become more and more common and I am becoming quite comfortable in exploring a greater connected mind. It no longer seems strange to me, I’ve come to kind of expect these things and I’m beginning to discover the profound intelligence that exists in the interconnectivity of the greater mind.

Synchronicity has ceased to be just random coincidence and I’m starting to listen to it, understand the language, I am seeing the connections and I’m flowing with a greater mind. The wonderful thing about the connected mind is that it’s not just me, its collective and collaborative and higher forces are at work. And if we can be silent inside and listen to the space within, we’ll discover a wonderful plan unfolding and by learning the language we can fall into alignment and become a living expression of that plan. Its’ great comfort to discover that we are not alone.

Many of the people who come on our retreats know that they have been guided, they describe strange coincidences and a sense of being called to meditation and mindfulness. They often tell me that when they came across the website, it spoke to them, that they felt something, an irrational impulse, a connection and an inner knowing. Yes many of our guests have been before, some of them several times, and lots of others arrive on the recommendation of friends but nearly all our guest now come because they are co creating with the flow. They sense without knowing why, that there is something here that they need to be part of

We start our retreats with a little introduction, we go round the room and our guest say their name and what they are hoping to get from the weekend. We still have lots of people saying that they are on retreat to help with stress, manage depression or to deal with emotional and physical pain but when probed further they reveal something else, an inner calling and a heartfelt desire to discover meaning and purpose and to engage more fully with the miracle of existence. It’s why they all come even if the don’t realise that from the outset, they come on retreat to discover themselves and realise that they are part of everything an expression of the greater mind.

GM 3

When I do the teaching, I get out of the way. Its’ not my teaching, I simply express a teaching which comes from far beyond little old me. I have certain stories or expressions that I often repeat, but in truth I can talk for a couple of hours without even know what I’ve said. The talks come from the space and personally I have very little to do with them. The teaching happens through me, it is not me, it is channelled from the greater mind. We’ve been videoing the talks to put on the website at a later date and watching them back is the first time I even know what I’ve said.

I have tried to exert some control and had intended to tone everything down. I’m conscious that many of our guests are completely new to this and I don’t want to alienate them with too much wild exploration of the formless and the true nature of reality. But the flow wont allow this and watching the talks on video I’m shocked at the profound nature of the teaching coming from my mouth. I’m even more shocked at the reaction of our guests. They just seem to accept it, and look at me like it’s obvious. It’s been ages since someone has stormed out in disgust or been so offended by my message that they shout out their objections. Not one guest has challenged my madness all summer. I tell them that the past and the future do not exist and that they have been living in a dream, that they have been lost in a false consciousness, a world of illusion. I explain that they are in truth perfect expressions of consciousness with the power to create through the field of the greater mind and fulfil their destiny by bringing a new world into existence. No protest, nothing, just rows of nodding smiling faces and a look to say. Yes you’ve turned my perception of the world upside down but “I knew this all along”. Which of they do, of course; they are connecting the greater mind too, and that’s where the teaching came from in the first place.

Thank you everyone who came to our last retreat of the summer. We had another magnificent weekend and you were a joy to work with. It is an absolute privilege to share awareness with you and as I said in my talk at the close of the retreat, I don’t think I’ve ever met a braver bunch of people. Even the most rational material minds were so ready to let go. We had a psychiatrist from the USA a psychologist and a number of left brain rationalists as guests, but the rationality collapsed in the face of the evidence in the moment and one by one they let go of everything they thought they knew and jumped feet first into a courageous exploration of consciousness. To let go and trust the flow takes incredible courage. It requires you to suspend your belief and enter a universe were none of the old rules and certainties exist but if you can If you can be still enough inside and embrace the void you’ll find the greater mind and discover that it is filled with infinite possibility. What an incredible group of people you are. And what a finale for the summer.

GM 4

I’ve had a fantastic time this summer, I’ve been doing the work I love; well actually I just channelled it, so in truth I did nothing at all, other than having great weekends away with my mates and the most amazing guests. (But don’t tell my wife, she thinks I’ve been working hard). According to the many emails and generous comments, it would appear that our guests had a great time too, and I know many of you are now awakening fast. Now you’ve opened the door and explored what is inside there really is no going back. Yes you’ll likely fall asleep again many times but the momentum of awakening is now with you and you’ll not sleep for long.

We expect to be back at Retreat Farm next summer for the 2015 round of summer of love retreats but in the mean time keep an eye on the website. We are putting together a series of one day winter intensives starting on November and the website will be going through a transformation. The greater mind is at work and we are all working hard to fulfil it’s ambition, stay involved with the project we’d love you to join us in actioning the great minds plan.

Be still


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