Lesson 4 How To Survive The Virus

Lesson Four - How To Survive The Virus The Now Project


Find Somewhere Quiet

Put Your Headphones On

Give The Video Your Full Attention

Check into your body

Stop Thinking 

Escape The Virus 


Thinking And Feeling

Observe the connection between thinking and feeling. If you see your mind worry, there will be anxiety in the body. If you are having angry thoughts you’ll find anger feelings in the body, see how your thinking effects how you feel. Observe how your thoughts and feelings are connected

Observe How Your Painbody Works

Does it like to worry, about money, health , loved ones? Does it feed by moaning and complaining? Is it jealous, angry, or guilty? Become familiar with how it feeds and grows. See your patterns and how you draw others into it’s feeding frenzy


Own Your Emotions

Yes people or situations can cause you to experience powerful emotions like anger or fear. But it’s important to take ownership of what you feel. If possible manage the feeling first and then deal with the situation or person who triggered it. Things work out much better this way

Right Action Not Reaction

When the painbody is active try to do do nothing. Anything you do, anything you think and anything you say will cause more suffering. Protect yourself and other people. Practice sitting with suffering

Sitting With Suffering Meditation

Step 1

Notice that your painbody is triggered. Usually the first idecation will be that your thinking is particularly painful.

Step 2

Be as present as you can. Try to step out of thinking. The feeling needs your thinking to grow and take you over. By being present you are not giving the feeling energy to grow 

Step 3

Locate the feeling in your body. Bring your attention onto the feeling. Accept the feeling, don’t push it away, welcome it home with loving kindness. Use the painful emotion as the focus to keep you in the body and the present moment. 

Step 4

Allow the feeling to be. Stay out of your head resist the temptation to feed it with thoughts.  You may want to go for a walk or engage in some other activity to help you stay present while you allow the emotion to be in the body as part of you in this moment

Step 5

The feeling will pass. Sometimes quickly other times it may hang about for hours, or even days. But at some point it will pass. the energy trapped in that emotion is released and your emotional state shifts. You are now able to project something better into the world

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 Spread The Love Not The Virus