Illusion & Reality – Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness

More and more people are becoming aware of the possibility of being fully conscious while sleeping. The physical body needs to rest to rejuvenate and in some sleeping stages we can experience the dream world. A dream is an exciting event and as everything else it has energy that can be recognised and partially decoded: it can be a remembrance of an experience (sometimes positive and sometimes negative); it can be intuitive with the intent of providing information; it can be part of a healing that uplifts and heal; it can be a lucid dream; it can be anything – so everything else that you may recall is all valid.

The connection between mindfulness practices and lucid dreaming it is absolutely amazing as in the dream, through your awareness, you realise that you are sleeping and having a dream. You become aware that rather than the dream being your only reality, the dream is your illusion and at the same time it is indeed the reality that you are aware to experience at that moment. It is by perceiving the illusion behind the dream that all your fears dissolve and there is nothing for the ego mind to lose. You can then be the highest expression of yourself with no limitations to interfere in your journey, because after all, it is just a dream. In a lucid dream you have the potential of being the creator of your own dream reality which means that you can access the unlimited possibilities that are always there and your filters insist to cover. There are different roads that take you exactly to the place where you should be right now and when you can see them you can consciously choose which road or roads you prefer to experience.

When you realise that you are dreaming your mind cannot participate negatively as you are then able to see a larger picture. You easily let go of all your fears and enjoy the experience at 100% as you understand that no matter what happens in the dream it is always temporary and changeable. You may forget completely that you recognised before that you were sleeping in a non-awaked reality and you may even forget the beauty of what was happening just moments ago and get pulled out of the lucid state but a few moments later in the same dream you are back again and you remember once more that you are just having a dream. You only forgot it for a short period of time and you can still change the whole reality when you are back again into your awareness. You can transform a nightmare into a beautiful dream just by becoming conscious of the endless reality. There is such a huge similarity between lucid dreaming and real life and when you perceive your own limitations you have then the ability to let them go whenever it is possible and to extend it so your life can unfold within a vaster reality.

One of the many wonderful teachings of mindfulness is to accept without any judgements whatever it comes into our lives (whether we choose it consciously or not) and to fully embrace it. In all the simultaneous realities around us we are always choosing something even if we think that we choose not to choose nothing a choice is still made. Part of that acceptance it is also to understand that we are powerful beings able to transform our lives at the same time that our lives transform us. For many years we trusted that we can only choose one road at a time and that every time that we choose something we lose something. At some level we believe that we are rejecting all the other options available and unconsciously we are creating a pattern that whenever we are willing to change or choose something different, there is a subtle belief about not being able to because we thought that option was already lost forever. That it is part of the illusion. It is true that our choices are connected but they are also independent so we can still choose different things at different moments even if they seem to be contradictory.

The possibilities are endless and we can choose to experience different versions of our life and that also includes the upgraded versions that are already available. You don’t have to adapt yourself to the limited reality that you perceive but instead the reality that you believe that you are currently experiencing can be adjusted to you so you can choose a higher experience that will benefit everyone else.

by Marta Coelhas

Marta is a regular contributor to The Portal and also an integral part of our Retreat team.

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