Where are you going?  Who are you becoming ?

You are going? no-where, you’ve already arrived.

This moment is all that exists. The future is nothing more than a rubbish guess, it’s just a projection of your mind, and it exists no-where other than in your head. You are not ever going anywhere, because there is no-where to go.  There is only now. You have already arrived!

You are always arriving, you are always arriving in this present moment. Mindfulness is about celebrating your arrival and fully experiencing the present moment as intensely as you can. It’s about realising that this moment is the most precious thing there is and aligning with the eternal now. It’s never about going anywhere.

Who are you becoming? No-one. You already are. There is no-one to become.

You can not be any more than who you are in this moment. How is that possible? Realise now that in this moment you are already enough, you are not broken, there is nothing wrong with who you are right now. You are complete and whole and perfect as you are in this moment, there are many wonderful  expressions of you yet to be discovered, but it can only happen now, an in trith you are are only really uncovering what is already here, you are already in this moment a perfect expression of consciousness.

How can you be more than this?

This is this is paradox of mindfulness, if there’s no-where to go, then there is nothing to do. If you are not becoming someone then there is nothing to do. And if you arn’t broken then you don’t need to be fixed. There’s nothing to do.

Mindfulness is simply about deepening your experience of where you already are , and a fuller more profound experience of who you already are.

Confused? Excellent!

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