Mindfulness Course For Challenging Times

Life-Changing 6 week course Neals Yard

If you want to be stressed unfulfilled and unhappy then this course isn’t for you. You’ll discover how to quieten your mind and rest from your worries issues and head drama, how to heal the trauma of the past year and use this as a vehicle for growth and transformation

Never let a good crisis go to waste eh!

Client Testimonials from the last course

Hello Adrian 

Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks. You have been inspirational and have already had a massive impact on me. I have enjoyed the journey and love the Refreshed outlook I now have on everything. I will definitely see you again soon and will continue to learn more every day.
Thanks again
Ben ” May 2021

Hello Adrian,

I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful Mindfulness Sessions. I am finding that self-awareness is key and bringing myself back to the present moment with the breathing exercises is helping me enormously, especially when those worry thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, and at times, try to rule my whole-being.  Thank you! I am practising fully participating as I am writing this email to you now!

Warmest wishes for the here and now,

Kerry May 2021

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