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At the Now Project we have been fans of Oli Doyle’s work for a while. My first introduction to his work was watching his video on making a mindful cup of tea (it’s great and a practice daily – see here). When we started the Portal we got in touch with him to see if he’d like to connect with us. His simple, non-waffley approach is very much in line with our own so we felt it’d be a great team up – and he agreed. He’s a great guy and has lots of resources available to help you live mindfully.

Oli is the author of a couple of great books on Mindfulness, including his latest offering Mindfulness For Life; runs a great website  www.peacethroughmindfulness.com.au and he also has a teaching course available on Udemy.

Here’s a little background from him, head over to his site for more info.

In 2003, Oli Doyle sat down in the lounge room of a share house in Bendigo, Australia and tried to meditate. He tried to quiet his mind. He failed miserably. Armed with nothing but stubbornness, ignorance and a long standing refusal to read the manual, Oli blundered along the meditative path until he finally realised: you just have to pay attention to what’s happening now. After smacking himself in the back of the head several times for not grasping this earlier, Oli set to work, training himself to be present. What followed was a transformation that was both ordinary and incredible. Stress mostly vanished, anxiety disappeared and life became steadily more enjoyable. This journey continues today.

Once Oli figured out how to meditate, he was struck by two things: the simplicity of the practice, and the complicated nature of much of the teaching.

Oli started Peace Through Mindfulness in 2009 with a vision is to share the practice of Mindfulness with people from all walks of life in a way that is secular, jargon free and most of all simple.

In everything we do at Peace Through Mindfulness, we aim to reflect this simplicity, and we enjoy every part of our processes, from teaching a class to filling out our tax returns. Our vision is first to live in the moment ourselves, and second to share this practice with you.

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