Q: Feeling energy in my body

Q: Since practicing mindfulness I’ve started to feel energy in my body, and when I feel it I’m very present and there are no thoughts at all. Why is this what is this energy doing?

A: As your mind quietens something interesting starts to happen. Without all those compulsive thoughts, space emerges and the formless dimension begins to reveal it’s self.

Thoughts are forms you see, they aren’t concrete and physical yet, but they have substance and are subtle material forms. And when you experience the world and yourself through thoughts, they keep you trapped in the material dimension. As your thinking quietens you become conscious of more subtle dimensions to existence and that’s what’s happening to you.

Everything is energy. It’s the foundation of all things. When you feel your energy you are becoming conscious of a deeper dimension to reality and yourself. There is a whole new universe of possibilities and opportunities here for you to explore. Ultimately it all leads back to consciousness it’s self. A realisation of oneness. This is what physicists call quantum mechanics, or what you might call the spiritual dimension, but it isn’t something I can teach you about, it’s something that you realise for yourself.

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