The first of our Winter Retreats

Stepping mindfully into our new home…

Our first Winter retreat at the new location in the Thornham Magna Estate was nothing short of magical. This was the first time at this location not only for our guests but some of the team too. Personally I felt at home as soon as I arrived and it wasn’t long before we had all settled nicely into the cosy warmth of this fantastic venue.

It was a real honour to share the weekend with our guests, who all turned up with open minds and a beautiful quiet confidence to be themselves and share their stories as to why they find themselves at a Mindfulness retreat in the middle of the countryside. There was a lot of laughter and even a paper aeroplane building/flying session!

The mindful walk on Saturday was an adventure, we walked so mindfully, arriving with every step that Adrian had to hurry us along – now that is unheard of! It was amazing watching our guests enjoying the rain, the trees and soaking up the teachings held within nature.

The weekend was a perfect start to our Winter & Spring retreat programme and it marked the start of a lovely relationship with our new venue. Thank you to all our wonderful guests and our hard working team!

We look forward to meeting new faces, and seeing old ones at our next retreat.
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Here’s the photos from the weekend

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