There’s something amazing happening down at Retreat farm, I’m not sure what, but i know it’s amazing.  We’ve always attracted people who are on the cusp of a shift.  Often driven to mindfulness by the distress of their mental noise, they are naturally open and available to new insights. Ripe for the picking. But I’ve never known anything like this before and I’m sort of left speechless.

Summer Fruit Retreat August 2015 The Now Project
Beautiful people

All I will say is that when we came out of the meditation on Sunday morning I could not believe what I saw. 30 faces looking back at me and not a thought between them. Fully awake fully alive, but silent inside, holding an intense state of mindfulness and at least half of them thought that they were complete beginners only the day before.

Summer Fruit Retreat August 2015 The Now Project
Feeling the sun and the breeze whilst listening to the birds. Mindful multitasking

I don’t know what’s happening,  but it seems that all our hard work is bearing fruit.  These weekends are transforming people’s lives,  take a look at the Facebook comments, and we can’t begin to describe how enriching that is for us.

Summer Fruit Retreat August 2015 The Now Project
Happy Healthy Smart people

We’ve got only 2 more retreats this summer and they are booking up fast. If you haven’t already booked your place go for it, you’ll never look back

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