The Colour Chart of Awareness

The Colour Chart of Awareness
Words by Marta Coelhas
Art by Sophie Welton

Most of the things that I share with people are written from the highest perspective of my own personal experience. Today I’m going to do something different than usual. It is not frequent to me to access it in this way but when it happens, it is always very enlighten to me. This one came through a couple of nights ago. No language or images. It took less than one second to access and to receive it all. Words and images would take much longer. It is really difficult to explain this due to the concepts of time that most of us are still holding to. It was similar to open my eyes and to recognize what it was in front of me but even that would take a bit longer than a second.

This example it is about awareness as I wrote something related with it in last couple of weeks and I had the feeling that was not complete. So this is the second part of something that I’ve not shared yet. In fact it is not relevant which one comes first as they are not dependent and they complement each other. I’m going to do my best to put it into words:

If you look into a color chart you’ll see different colors. In each color you also have different shades. You may have many different shades of blue. This is your awareness. You have dark blue that represents your lower level of awareness and the light blue that represents your higher level of awareness. Between those two shades you have so many others and some of them are very similar. Sometimes you are holding a certain degree of awareness and other times it is not the same level as before but it seems very similar too.

In this example the blue color represents your awareness as one. Your awareness does not decrease or increase at any moment. Either you experience the dark blue or the light blue it is always the same color. You can also jump from one color in the chart to another color. That means that you can fully change your awareness and it is going to be in the specific color of the chart that you choose to. It is difficult to experience fully a light yellow if there is a part of you that it is choosing to experience a light blue color without mix them. And if you try you will get a completely different color. Your awareness it is always changing and yet it is always the same.

Awareness for you may be represented as the blue part of a color chart. For someone else it may be represented with a different color. Everyone has a different type of awareness in different moments. Not lower or higher. It is just different. You are all on the same chart just in different colors and always moving between shades.

A note from Sophie: I asked Marta to be a regular contributor to The Portal as her words always have such beauty and awareness. It wasn’t in my mind to produce artwork to go with her offerings yet when I read this I was compelled to listen to the call to produce this painting.

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