We are programmed to strive and chase, to try and ‘take control’, to achieve more, to constantly try and be someone ‘better’. It’s a tiring and impossible task don’t you think!

So many of us arrive at a place where we are lost as what to do – how do we fill this ‘hole’ that our conditioning has imagined into us?

I sometimes find myself falling into the trap – I start to believe that I have to single handeldy change my current life situation, that I should be pursuing x, y or z before someone else beats me to it, that I should be doing more of this or that to grow as a person. Well, life is not a race… hallelujah (I’m far too exhausted as it is!)

So what to do instead?


Hand over the responsibility

and TRUST.

Trust the universe, trust the knowing within you that everything is as it should be and that you are part of something so much bigger and deeper than our conditioned minds are led to believe.

The only way I can get the most and give the most from my time on this earth is to flow with what is. To be still and open enough to see the ebb and flow, to see the doors opening. I trust in the higher consciousness, the source, the creator, grace or God (whatever label fits, it’s all the same thing!) that gives rise to the amazing universe we live in. This trust allows me to let go of the self defeating old stories, to let go of the huge weight of responsibility that I had let overpower me. I could never meet my egos demands of me! This doesn’t mean I now sit around all day meditating and hoping the kids will cook their own tea, but it does mean I don’t waste time procrastinating, stressing and generally chasing my own tail. The trust that I place in the higher power allows me to start to trust myself, and that gives me a great sense of liberation and strength.

This trust was highlighted to me the other evening as I watched the only mainstream tv programme worth watching at the moment (my personal opinion obviously!) – David Attenborough was showing us the amazing creation of a Japanese Puffer Fish, beautiful geometric shapes akin to something we see in scientific imagery or space anomalies being made by a tiny fish on the earth’s sea bed – these little fellas create a wonder that words can’t give justice to – if you haven’t seen it I recommend a quick peek here below.

Whatever power manifests this amazing universe that we live in is far more powerful than the humans that try to control and exert their own power over humanity and it is the trust in that that gives me the strength and courage to live in this insane world and to do what I can to be a part of real change.

Trust yourself, trust in the evolution of human consciousness and trust in love.


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