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The Thursday Group

With mindfulness we are coming together in a shared experience of a new brighter more compassionate world. A world where loving kindness, peace and co-operation is valued over division, conflict, exploitation and greed. With mindful self awareness we trend lightly in the world and through each and every mindful interaction we spread the energy of mindfulness and project a new world into being.

If you have completed one of our mindfulness courses or one of our weekend retreats and are looking to explore the more profound and transformational aspects of mindfulness then this class is for you.

What is the class about

Its not easy to maintain mindfulness in the stressful and unconscious world we live in. If you've had a significant glimpse of mindfulness then you can't really go back to the madness for long, but at times it can seem as if the whole world is conspiring to drag you back into the mental chatter and mind made suffering.

Mindfulness can be lonely too, if you aren't getting too involved in your own head drama's then you'll be more reluctant to get too involved in other peoples “made up head stuff” and that's all some people want to talk about; so for while it can be a little isolating. You'll soon find new people and circumstances coming into your life and you may even find that you enjoy a bit of solitude anyway. But it can also be really helpful to be in the company of other people who are also live mindfully and who share your enthusiasm for this new awakened experience of life.

When you get a bunch of mindful people together, not only do they help and support each other, but, collectively they give off an energy. Great mindfulness masters like Thich Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle call this the energy of mindfulness or presence. Did you notice how easy it is to be mindful in our classes and retreats? Well that's the energy of mindfulness and to simply be in this energy can have a powerful effect on your degree of mindfulness and if you come along you'll see it can provide the catalyst for profound shifts in awareness as well as emotional and spiritual healing.

Typical Format of The Class

  • Meditation - We'll usually start with a short meditation to get everyone settled and centred in mindfulness.
  • Questions and answers - bring your questions, challenges or insights regarding your practice and adrian and other experienced mindfulness teachers will be on hand to help.
  • Teaching - adrian will usually give a short teaching  bringing a more advanced and enlightened understanding to an aspect of your mindfulness practice.
  • Emotional Clearing Meditation  - We'll finish with an Emotional Clearing meditation exercise that is very popular with our regulars. Adapted from the pioneering work of John Ruskan  when done from a high degree of mindfulness this meditation is extremely powerful the by far the most effective method we have come across to release emotional trauma from the body. It's quite extreme, and not for everyone, but it's a lot of fun and can leave you feeling much lighter, it frees you of emotional suffering and propels you deeper into a mindful state of awareness. The emotional clearing meditation is very energising and helps you plug back into for a recharge of mindfulness, you'll likely find your mind is relatively quiet for a good while afterwards.

Thursday evenings:
7pm - 8.15pm At Raindance
Cost: £12 cash only sorry no card facilities on site

No need to book, just turn up

There are no ego’s here, so no one will be judging you, or even forming an opinion of you, in fact there will be very little thinking going on at all. It’s a completely safe environment to explore your practice and the ‘bigger picture’ with like-minded souls.


london-underground 2 minutes walk from Charing Cross and Embankment

rail 2 minute walk from Charing Cross


Thursday Group at Raindance, Charing Cross

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