Children are very wise and they have a high degree of awareness that may be attenuated or even forgotten as life goes on. They know what they are doing and they do it wisely. I was one of many children that were intentionally and unintentionally working on peace and compassion at school and specifically with the kids who were most lonely there. It did not take long until my life started to change and with that everything else moved in a different way.

When I was around 7 years old I’ve started to experience a lot of unexplained emotional pain. Being around people was a struggle. Verbal communication was very exhausting. There were many negative and self-destructive thoughts living in my head and a deep lack of self-worthiness. Sadness, anxiety, fear, guilt, frustration and anger were back then part of my daily life. For many years my aim was to keep myself alive. I was trying to survive between thoughts and emotions. I was only able to see a very small part of the puzzle and I did not know that when more pieces would be put together the whole picture would completely change. It was a very dark and lonely place. This was a well-kept secret in my life and it could have done a lot of damage if it was completely misunderstood.

I was introduced to Meditation by an amazing woman who was also for many years my beautiful keeper in this path. Through that I realized that to follow guidelines was not working for me and that was the great unseen opportunity to explore things for myself and to do my own experiments. I was drawn into non-verbal communication, intuitive thought and the power of the mind and heart.

A few years ago (end of 2013) everything that was happening in my life started to change again. I was then able to access into a different perspective that was no longer made only by a negative perception but it also included a positive one. I met wonderful people who have changed my life. Synchronicity was everywhere. I was pulled into some profound experiences in the timeless Now, and I was intuitively guided to do some research about Mindfulness. I met the Now Project and I was amazed on the first day as the teachers were real and advanced. There was a deep sense of being around family and some relief for I was not on my own anymore. They have accepted me the way I am and they have inspired and empowered me in many ways. They do so much more for people than what they really show and that it is how beautiful they are.

Every person has the opportunity to experience how magical life can be in the present moment. It is life changing and it is a doorway for you to fully explore your own path and to remember your own mastery. You can return to a balanced state of being and also bring peaceful awareness into your life. You are the only one who can fully experience your own life and there are many other people walking by your side, in parallel roads, who are there to assist you at any time.

This personal life story was written to give you some validation that anything is possible and every single change in your life and the awareness behind it can create a completely new reality.

By the way – if you are looking for a really good inspirational story then I highly recommend you to go outside in the nature for as long as you like. It will tell you the best unlimited story that you ever heard. Enjoy that one.


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