Top Tip #5 – Give up being Master of the Universe

Mindfulness is paying full attention to “what is” in this present moment and learning to embrace whatever arises and offering no resistance to the truth of this moment.  That is not so say you can’t take action to change “what is”,  if your hand is on fire, put it out, don’t waste energy resisting the fact that your hand is on fire, just put it out. In truth your resistance to “what is” is not strength, it is weakness. Resistance disables you, it keeps you trapped in what “should be” or what “shouldn’t be” and in that state of contraction you are blinded to the fullness of “what is” and all the other possibilities that moment offers.

Give up your job as master of the universe, it’s a thankless task and the pay is rubbish. The universe simply doesn’t do what it ‘should’; it’s a constant source of frustration and disappointment. And even if it goes the way you want it to for a while, it’s not going to last and then you have all the heart ache and disappointment that goes with it. The universe simply won’t do what it’s told, it’s impossible to control, the job is undoable – so resign, right now resign; the universe will just have to survive without you in charge.

How does that feel? A relief isn’t it?

How would it be, if instead of fighting this moment, which is painful and pointless, (because now has already won) let the universe be as it is and focus on the only place where you really have power – focus on yourself here and now. In truth the only power you really have in any situation is how you respond to it in this moment. The quality of that response will inevitably influence the outcome.  If you react from a place of resistance the seeds of that reaction will grow and the effects will come back to you. Your best chance of manifesting your preferred outcome is ultimately dependent upon your ability to manage yourself in this moment, on your ability to consciously choose “right action” (or no action) rather than being forced into reaction.

Right action can only come from a place of surrender, from a full acceptance of what is.  Because when we let go and we allow the flow of life to prevail we start to see the possibilities beyond our blinkered perception of what “should be” and see that “what is” in this moment is the flow of life, it is the will of the universe and we see that flowing with life rather and resisting it is infinitely more comfortable and rewarding.

The universe wants you to create, it wants you to be abundant, it wants you to awaken, it wants you to realise yourself. Because when you realise yourself you’ll see that you and the universe are one and that ultimately you have only been resisting yourself.

Be present,

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