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Thank you everyone who came to the Willow retreat a couple of weeks ago. Wow what a weekend!! We were blessed by great weather, sunshine, fluffy white clouds, star lit nights and even a little thunder and lightning for dramatic effect to aid my teaching as we explored the “painbody” under the willow. But most of all we were blessed with a wonderful group of awakening people, as different and diverse as you could imagine, yet beyond their thinking mind, they are all one, and it’s beautiful to watch people forget themselves and connect so lovingly with people who they have never met before but somehow they seem to know so deeply.

When I decided to call this year’s retreats “Summer of Love 2012” I had no idea how apt the title would prove to be.  Have a look at some of the pictures from the weekend, can you see how awake they are, and can you feel the love they radiate?  They radiate love because love is who they are, love is who you are too, it is you at the core of your being.  Without the constant chatter of your egoic mind to obscure your true self, you shine through, love shines through, and we enter a state of love, where, that love is not attached to an object, it is not conditional upon “things” it is simply an expression of who you are – and in that energy beautiful healing happens.Beautiful healing happens, it just happens; and over the weekend I witnessed many of our guests open up and flower in that space of pure awareness and begin their healing within. They glimpsed, at least for a moment, the full depth of what it is to be alive and are changed by the experience.

How it happens is of no concern to me, that’s just more layers of thinking imposed by the ego to obscure the truth.  My ego cannot understand consciousness it cannot grasp the truth, it can construct theories and reason and put concepts in boxes and give those boxes clever labels, but in truth it knows nothing because the truth cannot be understood by reason. The truth is not a belief, or a scientific principal and the truth is not a perspective. By its nature the moment the truth becomes any of these things it is no longer the truth, it has become a perversion of your ego, distorted through your perception, and the truth has been murdered. You don’t need to believe the truth because doesn’t need belief, truth is the truth regardless.  It’s a direct experience, it’s an experience of awareness beyond all understanding. Understanding is a smoke screen, and I’m not concerned with smoke screens. All I know is that it healing happens and that happening is enough understanding for me.

That is just as well because what happened that weekend is beyond belief, we had raw beginners waking up with only a few hours practice., I don’t know whether the retreats are becoming more powerful or our guest are becoming more wakeful or whether it is a combination of both, but what I do know is that they are being set off like exploding Champaign corks and I’m fizzing with excitement. The experience blew me away and led to some frenzied activity in developing our project so I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front. The Now Project is growing, there’s a team building and I sense some rapid movement, consciousness is pushing us onward fast now. Where it goes we’ll see, but there is a growing urgency and momentum is building. It’s really happening, I can feel it. I’m seeing it every week; I’m seeing “complete beginners” waking in front of my eyes. Even my disaster provoking conditioning cannot stop this now, others are involved who don’t share the limitation of my conditioning, they are brighter and sharper than me, and we have consciousness on our side, only my exhaustion can contain the my excitement.


There is no more beautiful work than this, and to be part of this process of liberation and transformation is the greatest joy.  Thank you all for allowing me this privilege. I’ve put up some pictures of the weekend on our Flckr page and if anyone wants a copy of a picture, email me and I’ll send it to you.


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