The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

There’s been a lot of talk in the media and in some books you read about how mindfulness is this miracle cure and can solve all your problems.However there’s a problem with that as it can mean you’re going into this practice with a goal or objective in mind. The art of mindfulness, and it […]

Mindful Check-in

Mindful Check-in

Our daily lives are often filled with a constant stream of activity, and even the moments when we’re not doing much are still noisy with chattering minds or social media! This often leads to us missing what’s going on within ourselves. Our minds and bodies become exhausted and we end up stressed, burnt out or […]

Top Tip #2: Noisy Head – Emergency Rescue

Top Tip #2: Noisy Head – Emergency Rescue

I found this tip really helpful when I first practiced mindfulness. I’d developed enough mindfulness to be conscious of my thoughts and I was generally feeling pretty damn good. But when something triggered my emotional pain, I’d lose it. My peace would be gone and I would often slip back into depression for a little […]

First Mindfulness Retreat of 2016

“A massive huge and heartfelt thanks to you and all the team at the Now Project for an amazing retreat last weekend! What a fabulous experience, I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it and really got a lot out of it.” Susan We kicked off 2016 with another amazing retreat. With a full house […]


Hello, I’m Sophie – I guess you could call me the Editor of The Portal. It’s quite a journey creating something like this and watching my own inner turmoil created by a self defeating ego that will never give me any credit for anything! Mindfulness transformed my life about 3 years ago and continues to every […]


Paul draws from his Mindfulness and Yoga practices to give us some wonderful writing, sharing his experiences and observations in beautifully simple, no-nonsense manner. If you ever get to meet Paul at our classes or retreats you’ll appreciate his wonderful presence – and you would find it unbelievable that he was once a very angry man […]


Adrian is the founder of The Now Project and has been sharing his writings, observations and lessons via the blog for a number of years. He also provides us with downloadable meditations and some great video content. Personally I have found his work an invaluable source of help when struggling with life’s ups and downs. …”In 1999 […]


Children are very wise and they have a high degree of awareness that may be attenuated or even forgotten as life goes on. They know what they are doing and they do it wisely. I was one of many children that were intentionally and unintentionally working on peace and compassion at school and specifically with […]

Q: Feeling energy in my body

Q: Since practicing mindfulness I’ve started to feel energy in my body, and when I feel it I’m very present and there are no thoughts at all. Why is this what is this energy doing? A: As your mind quietens something interesting starts to happen. Without all those compulsive thoughts, space emerges and the formless […]

Q: Frustrated with meditation

Q: I keep getting frustrated with my inability to sit still and so I just give up meditating, what can I do? A: Fantastic your meditation is working, congratulations, your restlessness is your reward. Or rather your awareness of the restlessness is your reward. Mindful meditation exercises are essentially attention training. Mindfulness is all about […]