Mindfulness Accreditation or Suffocation

Sometimes I am asked “are your classes accredited?” or “are you qualified to teach mindfulness?” to which I reply – “Most definitely not!”. Questions like these are good for my mindfulness training because they trigger powerful emotions that I need to be mindful of, and sit with, and process consciously.  So they are helpful in […]


While writing this I’m laying down with a bad back. I’ve now been off work for a week which years ago would have been a massive problem for me, my mind would have told me ‘you can’t be off work you’re too busy, you’ve got bills to pay etc’. So then, not only am I […]

Breathing Meditation

This breathing meditation is one of the most simple but also one of the most useful mindfulness meditation exercises that you can do. It teaches you how to observe and to let go of thoughts and is great training for keeping your attention in the present moment. If you were to download this 10 minute […]

Disobedience and the cultivation of compassion

If you only got into Mindfulness because you had tried everything else and were desperate to find relief from your mental suffering, to escape some neurosis, or you simply wanted to quieten your mind so that you could get the edge in a competitive world, then you need to understand one thing now. Before you […]

Do You Possess Things Or Do Things Possess You?

Sometimes people get quite upset when I explore this in my my talks, but long ago I decided to continue, if I upset you then so be it. I have a responsibility to tell you just the same.It is my job to upset you, to shake the very foundations of what you call reality, it […]

Nothing To Fear

As human beings we are blessed with the ability to feel a whole array of emotions but yet we are programmed to flee from the very blessing that makes us human. Why are we so fearful of emotions? We enter life free of judgement, free of restrictions and barriers, but as we start to make […]

Trust and a Puffer Fish

We are programmed to strive and chase, to try and ‘take control’, to achieve more, to constantly try and be someone ‘better’. It’s a tiring and impossible task don’t you think! So many of us arrive at a place where we are lost as what to do – how do we fill this ‘hole’ that our […]